Families fill the North River YMCA for swimming lessons and family night. It’s a place where they can let loose and have some fun.

“In this day and age, with electronics and everything, just good ‘ol fun is important,” Joseph Neither said.

For area kids like Adrianna Betbeze and Colton Harris, the Aquatic Center is where many learn to swim.

“Now I can swim without my floaties in the deepest area. I can do it in nine feet!” Betbeze said.

“I slid down the slide,” Harris said, “I kept falling down off of it!”

Many are worried about the future of the community center after learning the facility could be part of a deal between the city and Board of Education over unpaid taxes. The board approved that deal Thursday night.

The Aquatic Center at the North River YMCA is mutually owned by the City of Chattanooga and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga. The YMCA owns the property and the YMCA facility on that site.

If the Board of Education wanted that property, the depreciated cost of building the Aquatic Center would need to be resolved.

Hamilton County School Superintendent Rick Smith explains the deal helps clear the way for future plans.

“The pool issue is really one where the board doesn’t get anything, but it clears the way if we were to build a school,” he added.

Since April, the North River YMCA has posted a letter explaining to members there are “No formal plans by the board to purchase the North River YMCA.”

The letter goes on to say, “When and if the long range vision of a new school facility on the YMCA property occurs, the YMCA will continue to serve the Hixson community at a new location.”

Which will give parents like Neither and his kids a place to come and spend time together as a family.

“It’s a fun place for the kids, they have a lot of activities,” he said.

That agreement will now go in front of Chattanooga City Council where they will vote on it next Tuesday.