A Whitfield County woman says she wants someone to be held accountable after the county animal shelter mistakenly euthanized her dog.

"This is not McDonalds where you gave me a big mac instead of a quarter-pounder; you killed an animal," said Elaine Smith.

Smith’s dog, Wiz, is just a memory to her family.

Wiz was being quarantined for 10-days at the shelter after getting loose and biting a little girl with no proof of rabies vaccination.

"I understand I was in the wrong. I was gonna pay the fines, I bought fencing to keep him contained, I was gonna get his rabies shots," said Smith.    

But Wiz was mistakenly put down 1 day before his quarantine was over.

Don Allen Garrett, Director of the Whitfield County animal shelter says it was a mistake with paperwork and two dogs that looked identical.

"We were looking at the one sheet of the dog that was supposed to go and everything matched," said Garrett. "I'm terribly sorry it happened. I wish it hadn't happened. "

However, Garrett says Wiz was on the schedule to be put down the next day.

"We had no contact with the owner day 1 through 9 as to whether or not they were going to come to get the dog or give it up," said Garrett.

Smith says she tried to call on a Friday, but it was after hours.

Garrett says he was surprised he didn't hear from her sooner.

"That's unusual. People who care about their dogs come and go all day long and do things for their dog," said Garrett.

He tells me many owners call just to simply check up on the dogs.

"Was I supposed to call and ask to speak to him? Is he having fun? Is he eating good? Does he miss me?" said Smith.

Garrett says situations like this have only happened 2 or 3 times in his 22-years at the shelter.

"We made a mistake, it shouldn't have happened, but we did it and that's just the way it is," said Garrett. "Our paper work is good, our system is not broken. In this particular instance we have two dogs that looked identical."

Garrett says if your dog is ever quarantined at an animal shelter that you should call and check on the dog frequently and let the shelter know what your plans are with the dog after it is quarantined.