Volkswagen’s expansion means a lot of great things for this city—But there is an area of concern for some residents.

Traffic congestion on Bonny Oaks Drive will also be a growing problem.

Getting anywhere quickly on Bonny Oaks Drive during rush hour is a headache with more than 5,000 employees going to and from Volkswagen and Amazon facilities.

Add 2,000 more workers to the mix and it’s a situation that will make any driver cringe.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is already working to fix the problem through a project that will widen sections of the road.

“It will widen those to a five lane section with curb and gutter and bike lanes and sidewalks,” TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said.

Right now, the project is in the first of three stages. Next TDOT will move into the “right of way” phase acquiring the properties needed for the project. The last phase is construction.

“We’re working on getting the environmental document ready and hopefully we’ll have the draft environmental document ready by the end of this year,” Flynn added.

But the timeline as a whole is still up in the air because TDOT doesn’t have the full funding needed for the project.

“As you may have heard, we’re in a bit of a funding crunch right now with the Highway Bill, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens as a result of that,” Flynn said.

There are two more projects TDOT is working on right now to help with VW facility traffic.

One is on State Route 58 going into VW Park, that’s been going on for about a year now.

There’s another project at Bonny Oaks and Volkswagen Drive, where TDOT will improve the roundabout and add some lanes. That is set to begin later this year.