Southside resident Ellen Hays remembers the excitement that lead up to the day she was handed keys to her brand new Passat.

"My neighbor Micky Bonnie came over to watch the announcement and I turned to her, I said that's my next car," Hays says. Three years and thousands of miles later Hays says she couldn't have picked a better car, "the car rides phenomenally, I put on 50,000 miles."

She was the first of hundreds in Chattanooga to put their name on a list to purchase the new Passat.

"That was a record year for us," Village Volkswagen of Chattanooga General Manager Dale Smith says. He hopes history repeats itself.

"Well I hope it'll be similar to the Passat in 2012, around 400 would be perfect," Smith explains.

The CrossBlue SUV won't hit the market until 2016, already Hays has her sights on being the first person to drive away in one.

"I thought to myself, ok so my car will be 6-years-old by then and it will be time for a new car. I like to support Chattanooga whenever I can so this morning when they announced I said, ok there's my new car. I'll just sign right up," Hays laughs. "Maybe in a few years I'll have a grandchild to drag around, you just never know."

In a city that takes pride in the term locally made the CrossBlue is sure to be a big hit with consumers.

"I really appreciate, I think we all do, how Volkswagen has fallen in love with our community as much as we love it," Hays says.