A new gun law that went into effect, now makes it legal to keep a loaded, handgun, rifle or shot gun in your vehicle without having any formal training.

"Permit holders have to have training.  They are taught when you can and cant use deadly force," says Mark Haskin, a retired Chattanooga Police officer who is now a gun permit instructor at Shooters Depot

The new law is receiving mixed reviews. Some say, it could make the growing crime an issue in Chattanooga even worse. Haskin says he is pro-gun, pro second amendment and  a lifetime member of the NRA, but  feels this new law is pushing the envelope - making it easier for criminals to carry while commuting on the roadways.

"Now you can have a loaded gun in the car without a permit - so this also means no background check," says Haskin. "You could have people that are repeat DUI offenders or convicted felons that will now have guns in the car. (...) I think you have to be moderate and balance public safety."

He feels everyone should learn the do's and don'ts first in a permit class or they could cause harm themselves or others. 

"If someone cuts you off, that's not deadly force. If someone steals from you - you can not use deadly force."

The law went into effect July 1, 2014