Those at the Chattanooga market got the chance to try a few sweet treats and help an udderly great cause at the same time.

Some of the best creameries in town were there, collecting donations to help the Chambliss Center for Children.

"I've just got a sweet tooth that's just got to be cured," said Greg Gilbert.

And the only medicine is ice cream.


"I like strawberry and chocolate and coffee," said William Odle.

"I just love ice cream," said Gilbert.

There's no denying many love the creamy dessert; but this ice cream social isn't just fulfilling a sweet tooth it's also fulfilling a goal of raising $5,000.

Katie Harbison with the Chambliss Center in Chattanooga says some of the money they collect will go straight to their residential program, helping kids in need.

"We take care of those kids, we feed them, take them to school, we're literally their mom and dad," said Harbison.

The other portion is going to their early education and child care program for kids in poverty.

Close to 700 kids walk through their doors and Harbison says if they weren't there to help, many would be behind in school, before they even start.

"It's so important, especially children living in poverty to have early childhood education and that's a huge deal to know whether or not they're going to be successful in school," said Harbison.

But the donations don't stop with ice cream lovers.

"We have some people that say I can't have ice cream or I don't want any, but here's some money. Chattanooga is a really giving community," said Harbison.

Gilbert says the fact he's helping kids makes his taste testing that much sweeter.

"Anything to help the kids; we help with the kids at church all the time. Anything to help the kids, 5 bucks is a drop in the bucket," said Gilbert.

"Interesting and happy and good; great," said Odle.

"I hope whoever eats it has a great day," said Ellie Odle.

If you were unable to make it out, but would still like to donate to the Chambliss Center, click