It was a surprise to many when hearing the UAW would start a voluntary local chapter in Chattanooga for Volkswagen employees.

"My initial reaction is what are they thinking of now," said Mike Burton, Volkswagen Employee.

Back in February, 53 percent of Volkswagen employees rejected union representation.

UAW appealed the outcome citing political interference, but abruptly backed off just hours before a hearing with the National Labor Relations board.

The new chapter called Local 42 says there was reasoning behind it.

"UAW withdrew it's election objection in April to end the controversy and put the focus where it belongs, on getting state incentives and the new product line," said Gary Casteel, UAW Secretary/Treasurer.

Everyone's eyes are now glued to Volkswagen, waiting in anticipation for the answer to the million dollar question. Will Chattanooga be the home to the new production line?

Senator Bob Corker seems to have high hopes. "I believe that we're going to be successful," said Corker.  "You know, there have been very, very good meetings."

Volkswagen has been looking at both the Chattanooga plant and it's production site in Puebla, Mexico.

The state of Tennessee is offering tax breaks, land deals, and other incentives topping $300-million.

Workers like Mike Burton are also crossing their fingers.

"The new line would be spectacular for Chattanooga and thrilling for those of us who work in the plant because a 2nd line means more job security and a better way to serve Chattanooga," said Burton.

But they want an answer as soon as possible.

"Yes, please hurry," said Burton.

An announcement on the SUV that could be built at VW could come as soon as Monday.

Production of the new SUV could mean millions of dollars in investments and about a thousand new jobs.

VW officials have said they hope to launch the new vehicle in 2016.