UPDATE: We're learning the names of the two people killed in a four-car wreck on I-24 in North Georgia, Friday morning.

Officials say 52-year old  Audrey Bruneo, of Kenosha, Wisconsin was driving her Black Ford Mustang, when she crossed the median and t-boned another vehicle, and that started a chain reaction.

Bruneo, and 43-year old Brooke Cole, of Scottsboro, Alabama  were killed on impact.

Sgt. Tommy Sturdivan of the Georgia State Patrol Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team tells Channel 3 that the driver of black Mustang that caused accident, died with a cell phone in her hand. But Sturdivan said he doesn't know if the driver was using her cell phone or if something else could possibly have gone wrong. An autopsy is pending.

The other fatality was a woman from Scottsboro, AL.

The crash happened when the driver of a black Ford Mustang with Wisconsin plates crossed the median and t-boned a Chevrolet Trailblazer, killing the driver of the Mustang on impact. Officials said the Mustang then rotated clockwise, hitting head-on and killing the driver of a Nissan Altima before finally clipping a Jeep Patriot which overturned on its roof.

"The speed limit through there is, as we all know, 70 mph before we get into Tennessee so I would expect interstate speeds for the impact,' Sturdivan said.

The crash tied up traffic for a couple hours. Some drivers on I-24 eastbound sat in their cars and read books while others walked up and down three lanes of interstate and mingled with other drivers.

Dylcia Martinez was three cars behind the accident with her young niece and nephew in the backseat. She witnessed everything.

"Just saw fumes and parts of the car flying away and that's when I came to the side," Martinez said. "It's very scary to think that we had plans and this family had plans too. It's scary. You never know what can happen on the road."

A multi-car crash in Dade County has resulted in two deaths.

Dispatch confirmed at least four cars were involved in a crash on Interstate 24 east near the Wildwood exit.

Two other people involved in the accident have been taken to nearby hospitals for examination and treatment.

Expect delays on the eastbound portion of Interstate 24 as the road may be closed for several more hours until the scene can be investigated and evidence gathered.

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Law enforcement officials tell Channel 3 that one of the drivers crossed the median from I-24 westbound and then hit several cars on I-24 eastbound. She died at the scene as did one of the eastbound drivers

The Georgia State Patrol is at the scene and investigating the accident.

They tell us there was entrapment. Two people are dead.

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