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Walker County church targets new members with archery range

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LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) - The church sign on Highway 27 contains no catchy slogans, only directions to the new archery range. Church leaders at Noble Fellowship Baptist Church spent months clearing land, and setting up targets right in their own back yard. 

From short range, to long range, it's a field day for archers, and a chance for this small church to attract new members.

Pastor Joe Dodd says, "It's kind of like a haven behind our church. We're letting people know, we do care about them."

The archery range is open to the public, and once word gets out, it's sure to attract people from throughout the Tennessee Valley. It's already proven to be popular with experienced bow-and-arrow enthusiasts, as well as kids, and even ladies. "My wife just started practicing, and we've been married thirty years," said Michael Lankford, who spearheaded the project. "My children come out here, and even my grandchildren. We had a kids area too."

Local businesses have pitched in to make the range possible, and the church has placed subtle scriptural messages along with safety instructions. Dodd said, "I'm very proud of everyone who has made this possible.  It's bigger that I ever imagined."

The church is located at 5994 N. Highway 27 in Walker County between Rock Spring and Lafayette.  The phone number is 706) 764-2917.

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