CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A local soccer player for the Chattanooga FC under-14 girls soccer team will never forgot the day her team played in the US Youth Soccer Association National Presidents Cup in Greenville, SC.

It is not because of anything that happened on the field. It was the unforgettable photo opportunity that brought tears.

As Lili Oren posed for a post-game photograph with her team, her father sneaked into the picture. Without her knowledge, Lili's father flew in from a 10-month deployment in South Korea to watch her game. U.S. Army CPT. Lex Oren knew he had to see his daughter play in the national tournament.

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When the 1-1 game was over, Lili's father found his way behind her in the team photo. In the video, shot by, CPT. Oren tapped his daughter on the shoulder. After appearing confused at first, Lili turned to notice her dad and hugged. Tears flowed.

"I had no idea who it was," Lili told the newspaper. "I was honestly kind of freaking out. I had no idea. Then I turned around. I just got so happy, I didn't even think. I just turned around and realized it was my dad."

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