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Fire hall to move for economic development in East Ridge

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In East Ridge, a development that's a big win for the city means the Camp Jordan fire hall will have to move.

The new development is known as 'Jordan Crossing'.  It's just off exit 1 near Camp Jordan and the flagship store will be the Bass Pro Shop.

The fire hall was included in the sale when contractors said they needed the space.  The move will come to no cost to tax payers, the developers are footing the bill.
The hall is less than 10 years old, but East Ridge officials say this new fire hall will be a chance for expansion, and space for new equipment.

The city manager tells us they plan to keep the firehouse on the east side of I-75.

Andrew Hyett, East Ridge City Manager, "We want to keep it on that side to space them out a bit, we get good ratings and of course if there were something to happen on the interstate, something to block the bridge or damage the bridge in some way we have a lot of houses over there, so it's very convenient."

Hyett says they hope to have the new property nailed down in 4-8 weeks.  And that they're working under a tight deadline.  Because  they hope to have the new fire house built before this old one comes down.
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