Residents of an East Ridge neighborhood are able to breathe easier tonight, thanks to the quick thinking and actions of one family.

Steve Record and his wife were at the store when they got an unusual call from their 12 year old daughter at home.

“My daughter called and said there was a small blue pickup truck sitting by the mailbox in the driveway,” Record said.

His daughter watched two men load a four wheeler and a dirt bike into the back of the truck from the family’s barn.

“My daughter was telling us step by step what they were doing, how they were doing things,” he added.

The couple dropped what they were doing and headed home when they ran into the truck trying to leave the area. That’s when Record started following them. He was on the phone with police, his wife was on the phone with their daughter.

“My daughter was giving details of what they looked like, everything that they had done and we were passing that along to the dispatcher,” Record added.

He followed the truck all the way to Market Street in Chattanooga, where East Ridge Police caught up with the suspects. Andrew and Anthony Santora, both brothers, are now behind bars.

“I just knew in the back of my mind if I had let them out of sight, that we probably wouldn’t see any of the merchandise again. It would have all been gone,” Record said.

Roy Edwards lives next door and says the neighborhood as a whole is on-edge after both men struck in broad daylight.

“Now you begin to wonder who’s coming down our street and what they’re coming here for,” Edwards added.

Record credits the quick thinking from his 12 year old daughter that landed both men behind bars.

“I was very proud of the fact that she stayed calm and most 12 year olds, I don’t think, would stay that calm,” he added.

Record says the four wheeler and dirt bike didn’t belong to him. He says he was holding onto them for a friend, but felt it was his responsibility to make sure nothing happened to them.