CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Photo taxidermy sounds like it might be just a photo, but it’s much more than that, it’s a life size high definition picture made from a basic photo. Imagine a life size, HD, 3D wall stick of your son or daughter with their first fish or deer.

Photo Taxidermy is a simpler, greener, and more affordable alternative for showcasing your greatest wildlife trophies, while preserving the time and resources necessary for traditional  taxidermy. If you compare this to traditional taxidermy, which can cost hundreds of dollars and involves harmful materials, it’s a no brainer!

Photo Taxidermy products start at $89 and deliver a 2D print of your trophy that can be displayed nearly anywhere. Photo Taxidermy avoids the harmful chemicals used in traditional taxidermy, providing a beautifully detailed memory for your family to enjoy for generations. No framing or mounting necessary, simply peel and stick to wall to enjoy and view for a life time of great memories.

The next time you capture your trophy fish or deer on a photo, consider photo taxidermy. To learn more check it out at