ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) - A North Georgia storm victim is struggling to repair his home. Over the last month the kindness of strangers has helped make it livable, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Channel 3 shared 73-year-old Charles Freeman's struggle in early June after strong winds sent a massive limb crashing into his Rossville trailer exposing him to the elements. After our story aired, the kindness of some volunteers and donors helped patch the exterior of Freeman's home, but the inside is a different story.

"Still don't have kitchen cabinets, or sink or anything like that. Still doing dishes in the tub," storm victim Charles Freeman said.

It's been a month of hardship for Charles Freeman. A downed tree left a gaping hole in his trailer in Rossville. Good Samaritans pitched in some money and elbow grease to fix the roof and walls, but inside is still a mess. The tree crushed his kitchen appliances and he's washing dishes in the bathtub. It's a situation his medical issues make worse.  

"Washing that food I didn't clean the tub good enough and I got my foot infected more than the wound already had," Freeman said "sometimes I fall. I fell and got this arm and got my collar bone."

"It would be a God sent blessing to finish this up for Mr. Freeman," volunteer Randy Bullard said.

Volunteer Randy Bullard didn't know Mr. Freeman before this. He doesn't have the money, but does have able hands to use donated materials.

"Still in need of having a kitchen cabinet and counter top. We'd still like insulation, some more lumber and sheetrock," Bullard said.

They're thankful for the help so far, but underestimated the scope of the project, so they hope more people come forward.

"I'll be here until it's finished. Just got to have the stuff to do it," Bullard said.

"I'm crying. I just need a little help," Freeman said.

If you have supplies to donate or want to pitch in, contact Randy Bullard at 423-486-8617 or mail donations to 545 Friendship Rd. Chickamauga, GA 30707.