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Hiking into the record books

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 (WGAL) Hundreds of hikers trek the Appalachian Trail every year, but rarely do you find one like Nan Reisinger.

"I'm really slow. The only time I pass somebody is when they're sitting down," she laughs.

Pace, though, is not getting in the way of her dream to hike the entire Appalachian Trail in one trip, all 2,180 miles of it.

Nan has hiked the trail before, in pieces. It took her six years. When she finished she found out the oldest woman to hike the whole thing was 71 years old, and that got her thinking.

"I thought that might be my only opportunity for a record of any sort," she says.

If all goes well, she will walk her way into the Appalachian Trail records books as the oldest woman to thru-hike at 74-years-old.

Nan found a hiking partner in Carolyn Banjak and together they are now more than halfway finished with the trail.

Since they set out in March, they've encountered rain and rattlesnakes, hunger and hail.

Still, Nan is determined to overcome any obstacle because this challenge is one she's always wanted to try.

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