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East Chattanooga community leaders come together to build memorial park

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On the corner of Citico and Orchard Knob Avenue in east Chattanooga, a sign new things coming to the area. Soon, gardens will replace bushes and weeds, a walking path and a monument will recognize unsung heroes in the neighborhood. Heroes like Reverend H. H. Wright, who led this community during the Civil Rights movement.

"I can't forget those folks, I'm not willing to do that," Wright says.

Wright's name will be listed among dozens of others, both past and present.

"This is an initiative that is growing out of the community where people in the community are recognizing people who had made contributions, these are teachers, these are coaches, these are principals," explains District 4 County Commissioner Warren Mackey.

The future site now sits on church-owned property which means the county government is hands off when it comes to funding a price tag of $60,000. In a lower income neighborhood, money is harder to come by.

"There's not many businesses and people that we can go to and ask for support," Mackey says.

Area leaders say the youth here need public figures to follow, a tradition to carry forward.

"One of the hopes of this park is it will serve as inspiration, to say to the youth that they do have a path that they're connected to. They have a path they can be proud of," Mackey says.

"Keep the faith baby, let's get it started," says Wright.

Government officials will look into possible grants for funding, however the majority of the money will have to raised within the community. Until that can happen, there is no timeline on when the park will open.

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