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Forever Family: David

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David was excited to meet us because understands why he was being interviewed.  And he wanted to remember some key points, so he came with a list.

He likes Legos, breakdancing, free running, playing with animals and hiking, just to name a few.

He hopes to be in an active family and he loves the idea of free running.

David,  "I wanna free running you know that? It's where you run and you can jump off. Do flips and jump off tall bldg. and do flips and hit the concrete  the ground."

Let's hope for some good training  for that.

David has faced a lot of challenges in his life.  Those who know him  best say  "he has made tremendous  progress over the last year."  He is smart and inquisitive.

This young man will flourish in a loving home with dogs.

David, "A lot of dogs, momma, a daddy and brother."

If you would like more information about David, call Department of Children Services and use reference number TN010577.



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