McMinn County investigators say they are close to solving a shooting that took the life of a 20-year-old man. Deputies were called to a home on County Road 172 Friday afternoon after the man's grandmother found him shot to death on a neighbor's property.

Friends and family of 20-year-old Tyler Womack say they are still in disbelief he is gone, saying they have no clue as to who may have committed the crime. In the meantime, the McMinn County Sheriff's Office says it is making progress in the case.

"It's a very quiet community," says McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy.

A single gun shot interrupted the quiet Friday afternoon of the Clearwater community.

"His grandmother heard a shot or what she thought was a shot, some kind of noise, and went over to look for him and found him over there," says Guy.


Crime tape still litters the yard where Sheriff Guy's investigators found Tyler Womack shot to death.

"It's very tragic. A young man, just 20-years-old."

Womack was across the street on a neighbor's property, repairing a car tire when someone shot him.  

"Certainly there are some people that we're interested in. I'm not prepared to name any suspects right now," says Guy.

"Just out of the blue. Nobody knows why," says Rusty Colbaugh, Tyler's Father.

Rusty says he is frustrated in his grief.

"It's just hard not having any answers. Not knowing why," he says.

Colbaugh says Tyler's close friends are giving the family support. A group of them met Monday afternoon at their favorite hangout spot, the local Walmart parking lot, with a picture of Tyler sitting in the front seat of his beloved Jeep.

"He was just a good, happy kid. He hung out here all the time and played with the Jeep. That's all he wanted to do was hang out with his buddies and ride the Jeep," says Colbaugh.

"He was one of these kinds of fellers anybody could get along with and never had no problems with nobody," says Tyler's close friend, Lincoln Wilson.

His friends and his father say all they can do is sit by and wait as investigators do their job.

"He didn't do nothing to deserve this. He deserves to have justice brought to the feller that took his life."

"It don't seem real," says Colbaugh.

Sheriff Guy says hopefully he can provide answers, soon.

"We feel confident that we'll bring some resolution to this," says Guy.

Sheriff Guy says even though his office is interviewing people of interest, he still urges anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.

Womack will be laid to rest Wednesday at noon at Clearwater Baptist Church.