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A video of a young child taking his first steps with prosthetic legs has gone viral after
Michael Vick
shared it on his Facebook.

Kayden was born with an omphalocele, a birth defect in which an infant is born with some organs on the outside, among other complications, according to
the child’s mother, Nikki

Kayden’s right foot and left leg had to be amputated, but with the help of prosthetics and a walker, he now takes off walking.

Check out the inspiring video, during which Kayden proclaims, “I got this,” by clicking

Vick reposted the video to his page with the caption: “Luke 1:37 – For with God nothing shall be impossible. … ‘I got it I got it’ lol”.

It has since received over 125,000 likes and over 59,000 shares via Vick’s page.