The Hamilton County Sheriff's department are investigating an early morning fire that robbed a family of their home. It happened on Boy Scout road around 4:30 Sunday morning.

"The flames were up past the tops of the trees, I thought the whole house was involved," said Bill Crowell, neighbor.

Officials say this early morning fire started on the left side of the home.

"You can tell by the burn pattern that the fire obviously started in the garage area," said Amy Maxwell, Hamilton County Emergency Services.

It was thanks to a hungry baby that the family was able to make it out alive.

According to the homeowners, one female got up to get a bottle for an infant and smelled wires burning. She went and awoke another female who went to the garage where they smelled wires burning and saw that the vehicle was fully involved," said Maxwell.

The residents thought quick on their feet and were able to get the car out of the garage in hopes to save the house. Unfortunately the fire had already spread.


Damages are estimated at around $120,000. But Maxwell says it could have been much worse, because one of the residents was using oxygen.

"If they hadn't gotten the car out of the garage, obviously this house would be an explosive site," said Maxwell.   

And now five adults and four children are left without a home.

"And nothing to eat for this infant; they don't even have their phones, just the clothes on their backs," said Maxwell.

The American Red Cross was called in for assistance.

No cause for the fire has been determined; the Hamilton County Sheriff's office is investigating this fire as a possible arson.