To celebrate Independence Day today, Americans will be rocking red, white and blue clothing with flag-waving patriotism. Many will even combine our country’s colors with stars and stripes to make what they consider a patriotic fashion statement by wearing flag-patterned clothing.

Although done with good intentions to show national pride, is wearing an item of clothing that looks like the United States flag incorrect? Area veterans — those who fought for the flag and freedom of expression — are divided; their answers varied based on individual interpretations of the U.S. Flag Clode.

“This can be a controversial subject because many veterans fought and died fighting for the Constitution, which is represented by the flag. They want it to remain a sacred emblem of their commitment to their country — and rightfully so,” says Gen. B.B. Bell, who served 39 years in the US. Army before retiring as commander of U.S. Forces in Korea, in charge of South Korean and U.S. Combined Forces.

The United States Flag Code sets down explicit rules for display and care of the nation’s flag. These rules are found in Title 4, Chapter 1, of the United States Code, which is federal law.

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