Several new laws took effect this month. Among them, a change for liquor stores.

They can now sell beer and mixers along with other non-alcoholic products.

It’s part of the law which gives communities the chance to vote on whether grocery stores can sell wine.

Christina Campbell has worked at Riley’s Wine and Spirits in Hixson for two years.

“People come in all the time asking if we have cups, ice and tonic water. So, it’ll be nice to say ‘yeah, we do. We have everything you need,’” Campbell said.

She says the change comes at a busy time as folks gear up for the 4th of July holiday.

“Surprisingly, we’ve sold a lot because like we talked earlier, it’s kind of a one stop shop,” she added.

But for stores like Open Spigot Wine and Spirit, that are developed inside shopping centers next to grocery stores, the law could have a different outcome on business.

Dan Spence has co-owned the store for five years.

“Maybe not us as much because we’re as big as we are. But your little places, like your mom and pop stores, it’ll probably put them out of business,” Spence said.

But folks at both stores agree, it’s a historic time in Tennessee.