Dogs from Bradley County are being adopted out to new homes after being seized from a puppy mill three weeks ago.

Trooper's Treasures rescued 41 of the nearly 240 puppy mill dogs.

So far they have been able to adopt out over 30 of them.

One of those pooches was a little Jack Russell, now named Rudy.

He was only supposed to be fostered by the Simmons family, but after the first day it was love at first bark.

One timid pup is taking it one paw at a time to get adjusted to his new home, after being confined to a cage for nearly his whole life.

"The first day we had him he sat in the corner and shook. He wouldn't let me come near him," said Julene Simmons.

Simmons says it took the three year old dog 4 days before he would even eat.

"It was very hard to see the conditions he came from, but then the things he didn't know how to do," said Simmons. "He'd never been on grass. He'd always been in a crate, he didn't know how to go down stairs."

Simmons says they've worked around the clock to teach their new family member how to simply be a dog something he's never been able to do before, but he's catching on pretty quick.

That timidness is turning to trust as he gets used to his new family.

"Once we went from being so scared that he was hiding in the corner to when I just took him up and he finally relaxed, he trusted me and now when he gets scared he runs to my feet or my chair and not the corner," said Simmons.

Their hearts are full with love for Rudy and you can tell his is too.

"This face, who couldn't fall in love with this face," said Simmons. "I'd love to bring more in and foster them, but then I'd be afraid I couldn't let them go either."

There are still many dogs just like Rudy that need homes.

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