UPDATE: Athens police say that two suspects in the June 28 robbery and assault of a man in Heritage Park have turned themselves in.

Ahsante Smith and Queston Simpson, surrendered to police Tuesday night in Athens and have been charged with especially aggravated robbery.

The victim had his jaw broken, money and pants stolen in the attack.

PREVIOUS STORY: An Athens man was attacked in a city park over the weekend. According to police, at least three men robbed him -- breaking his jaw and stripping him of his pants, shoes, and all of his money.

It happened late Saturday night in Heritage Park, off of S. Jackson St. and Old Englewood Rd. in Athens. Police still haven't caught up with the suspects.

Heritage Park was quiet and with families Monday afternoon. But neighbor, Amber Shelton, said it was anything but calm there on Saturday night.

"First I saw the ambulance, and then two cars," said Shelton. "It was pretty scary. I didn't know if I knew the guy or not."

Police found a man who wasn't wearing any pants or shoes outside of the park. According to the police report, he was bleeding and had a broken jaw, and claimed he had just been attacked by a group of people.

The victim told police he was dragged out of the car, and at least three men jumped him. They snatched his wallet and cell phone, and ripped off his pants and shoes before running off.

"Usually at night there's a lot of cars that come by, and you can tell they're doing drug deals and stuff like that," said Tyler Phillips, who lives on a street adjacent from the park.

"There's always people over here late at night," said neighbor, Coral Stormont.

Phillips and Stormont just moved in a few weeks ago, and said the neighborhood has a lot of late-night traffic.

"A lot of gunshots all the time," Phillips said.

"I got scared and my stomach turned over," said Stormont.

Police arrested Ashley Willis, 19, after she told investigators she helped lure the man to the park with knowledge the robbery was going to happen.

As of Monday afternoon, Athens Police are working to track down the three other suspects: Ahsante Smith, 19; Dysheek Ferguson, 20; and Queston Simpson, 18.

Neighbors hope those arrests come soon.

"It's a little over the top to rob somebody and take their pants," Phillips said.

"They need to catch him before it happens to someone else," said Shelton.

If you have information about the suspect's whereabouts, call Athens Police at (423) 744-2730.