Pop up storms across the Tennessee Valley caused flash flooding Sunday night into Monday morning. Several areas had heavy downpours. Dayton received several inches of rain in short amount of time, causing swift runoff and flash flooding.

By mid-morning, a good stream of water was rushing through the parking lot next to the McDonald's in Dayton. But just a few hours earlier, it looked more like a pond. Across the Tennessee Valley there were overflowing creeks and covered roadways.

"It rained all night. It poured most of the time," says Gerald Jump.

Gerald Jump has been keeping a close eye on the stream that runs next to his church. Last May, water made its way inside. With the recent heavy rains he left the doors open, so any flood waters would just flow right out.

"Last time it got up to the bottom of my trailer right there and it got in the church and got up to the windows," he says.

Jump says thankfully, the church stayed dry this time around.

"It's something to thank God for."

In downtown Dayton Edna Duffey and her family paused for a moment to take in the high, choppy waters of Richland Creek.

"Just looking at the water. Showing the kids that are here from Florida what it's like."

They were planning on going swimming in another nearby creek but the strong currents canceled those plans.

"Comes with the territory," says Duffey.

She says there is always an upside for someone, though, saying, "The farmers may love it!"