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Elton John says Jesus would support gay marriage

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Ree Hines, Today Contributor

Same-sex marriage remains a topic of contention among many Christians, but Elton John doesn't see why. According to the legendary singer-songwriter, who plans to marry civil partner David Furnish next year, Jesus would support gay marriage.

On Sunday, just as gay-pride events took place internationally, John sat down with U.K. news outlet Sky News, and explained that he believes Jesus would also back same-sex marriage for clergy and an end to celibacy in the Catholic Church, too.

"These are old and stupid things, and the Church hierarchy might be up in arms about it — the traditionalists — but times have changed," he insisted. "We live in a different time. If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen. He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together, and that is what the Church should be about."

While John hopes to see changes soon, he already has high praise for Pope Francis, whom he said has stripped the Catholic Church "down to the bare bones" with a focus on love.

Watch the full interview to learn about John's personal efforts in the global fight for human rights, including his proposed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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