More than a dozen dogs from the suspected puppy mill in Bradley County were adopted this weekend.

Thirty out of 250 puppy mill puppies rescued earlier this month were up for adoption Saturday afternoon during a meet and greet event held at The Barkmore.

"The dogs were scared. Some don't know how to play with toys because they haven't been given the opportunity to," said a worker with The Barkmore.

Eighteen of the rescues found new homes during the event.

The animals  up for adoption were found in  Rebecca Van Meters home on Candies Creek Road, living in cramped, filthy conditions - that is until local law enforcement, SPCA, the Humane Society, and volunteers -  stepped in to help

"We first saw her, fell in love and then when we heard the story about where she came from it made it even better," said one new pup parent.

Several of the dogs are still up for adoption. For more information, you can visit the Trooper's Treasures website