A new, super-potent form of marijuana known as "dabs" made its way to Manchester, Tenn., with the Bonnaroo festival crowd this month, adding another drug concern for law enforcement in Tennessee.

Old hippies might recognize the concentrated oil extract as something like hash oil that was popular in the 1970s, but this version -- called butane hash oil or BHO for the manufacturing process -- is far stronger, according to Manchester Police Department Chief Mark Yother.

Dabs also goes by names like "wax" and "shatter" for the consistencies in which the substance is found. It's often smoked in water pipes and electronic cigarettes and can be added to foods, authorities said.

High-grade marijuana, in plant form, contains up to 25 percent of pot's intoxicating ingredient THC, while dabs can contain 80-90 percent THC, officers said.

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