A local dog named, "Ray Charles"  is recovering from a traumatic experience, after a woman believes he was abused and dumped into a bath of cement and left for dead.

A local rescue foster mom found the dog scared and barely alive and got him help.

Pictures tell the tale of this four legged pup named "Ray Charles", who was left to die after being dumped in cement. 

"I could see the scratches on him and I knew. You could tell he's been through it," said Amy O'Brien, Rescued dog.

Amy O'Brien says she nearly passed by the dog who was sitting on Cromwell Road, thinking it was a garbage bag.  

"I kept driving and I thought I better turn around and check," said O'Brien.

 Ray was sitting next to a fence, not moving.

"I believe he had given up because he didn't move. He wouldn't eat. It was just like saying, I tired, I'm hungry, I'm done," said O'Brien.

But as she got closer.  

"I thought he had white paint on him," said O'Brien.

"Once we were able to get him up into the car, it was hard, it was cement," said O'Brien.  

 The cement left Ray with irritated, inflamed skin and nearly blind.

"His eyes were swollen shut so he couldn't see," said O'Brien.  

 O'Brien, who works with Wet Noses and Wagging Tails Rescue says she immediately rushed him to the vet in hopes to save his life.

 But she wasn't sure he would make it.

"They had to bathe him several times," said O'Brien.

"They had to pick the dried cement," said O'Brien

O'Brien says Ray isn't the only dog out there suffering alone and many others need a second chance too. 

"You need to always stop if you don't feel comfortable then call the rescue," said O'Brien.

Now, a weight's been lifted from his shoulders now that he's on the path to better health, with someone to wag his tail for.

O'Brien says Ray Charles will be up for adoption as soon as he is back to full health.

She hopes Ray's story will encourage others to save animals in need.

If you would like to know how you can help ray or other dogs like him click