Athens Police are investigating a kidnapping that took place at a local car wash.

It happened at the Majestic Car Wash on Congress Parkway N. in Athens. Police are still trying to track down the suspect.

The 45-year-old man who was kidnapped ended up being unharmed and left with his truck on the side of the road. But before the suspect got away, he had a brief moment of guilt -- police said he apologized to the victim, but still took off with the cash.

Josh Weber and his young son are regular customers at Majestic Car Wash in Athens.

"We come here weekly to clean out the car and just spend a little time before I go to work," Weber said.

Right off of busy Congress Parkway, it's the same place a 45-year-old man was kidnapped by an armed suspect over the weekend.

"It's pretty crazy, you don't hear that stuff around here," said Weber.

"Very rarely do we have an incident like this," said Det. Josh Rhodes, Athens Police Dept.

According to police, the man and his wife were washing their truck at the car wash when the male suspect, dressed in a mask, gloves and in all black, pointed a gun and demanded money.

The suspect didn't like the amount offered, so he hopped in the back seat and had the victim drive to an ATM. The man withdrew $100, but the suspect made him take out another $100 before taking off.

According to the police report, the suspect told the victim he was sorry and that he was homeless, but still took off with cash and a cell phone.

Investigators still haven't tracked him down, and don't have much of a description, either.

Rhodes said it all could have escalated into something much worse.

"Our victim did the best thing, he cooperated," said Rhodes. "I think that was ultimately what helped him free the incident without any injuries."

That's why Weber and his son are only visiting the car wash during daylight.

"It better not be happening to one of us," Weber said. "That's why he doesn't leave my side."

Anyone with information about the suspect should call Athens Police at (423) 744-3687.