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Chattanooga FC's World Cup Bounce?

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CHATTANOOGA, TN- (WRCB)--Let's talk Chattanooga F-C, who look to lock up the top seeded playoff spot in the n-p-s-l with two games remaining in the regular season.
     F-C takes on the New Orleans Jesters Saturday at Finley.
     The Jesters beat f-c earlier this season down in the Big Easy.
     I asked Chattanooga F-C GM Shaun McDaniel is he's expecting an even bigger crowd Saturday night at Finley, from any possible world cup bounce.
     "Yeah, I think everybody, the entire country has caught world cup fever, Chattanooga f-c is no different, I think and can see that fans are showing up to our match just because soccer has really taken off just in the last month due to the success of the world cup,  due to the success of the united states men's national team and C-F-C has had some nice success and great fans and we fully expect to be the beneficiaries of what's been a tremendous world cup so far," said McDaniel Friday at Finley Stadium.
     Men kick at 7:30 Saturday. 

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