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"Move Over Law" goes into effect midnight Friday

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Beginning this Friday at midnight through Sunday, the "Move Over Law" will be enforced.  Those who are not following it will be ticketed.

Tennessee Highway Patrol, Trooper Gray Gibson, "All the states involved in this will be aggressively enforcing traffic laws, the move over law and any type of traffic violation that we spot on the highway system that needs to be addressed. "

Friday morning, you will have plenty of company on the roads.  Tennessee and Georgia are among five states behind the "Move Over Law" campaign.

"We want you to be able to make a safe trip without delays or wrecks that is our goal, safety all the time."

One hundred Tennessee troopers will patrol I-75 Friday morning until Sunday evening to make sure people move over when they see an emergency vehicle parked on the highway.

"Merge to the left hand lane and if you can't do that slow down."

THP trooper Gray Gibson invited Channel 3 to see first-hand the dangers law enforcement and roadside assistance personal deal with every day.

"There's been several law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty including TDOT personal, tow truck drivers."

Our first stop, was pulling over to help a stranded motorist who broke down during his Thursday morning commute.

Jones Mahafey, motorist, "Thank the Lord, I was able to pull over to the side of the road safely."

Jones Mahafey's day got a lot better when Trooper Gibson helped him change the tire on his car.   Roadside help is also part of a trooper's job because that keeps the highways safer.

"Every day an officer goes out, he lays his or her live on the line for me and other people. They deserve all the protection they can get."

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