CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Three Chattanooga shootings in a 24 hour span grieve families and challenge detectives. Two of those were deadly.

Officers found 32-year-old Cedric Mikes shot to death on South Terrace around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. Then, around 10 p.m., 41-year-old Charles King was found shot to death on Bennett Avenue. Both were in cars.

Police have not made any arrests but say they've collected important physical evidence and are tracking down more witnesses.

"He left here going to work and I never dreamed that would be the last time I'd see my grandson, but this violence has got to stop," Jimmie Williams said.

Jimmie Williams raised her grandson, murder victim Cedric Mikes, who now had kids of his own.

"Because look at these kids. They're not even going to have a father to take care of them," Williams said.

They say no matter how many shootings they hear about, they never dreamed their family would fall victim to  violence. That's until early Wednesday morning, when police found Mikes shot to death in a car that landed in an embankment off South Terrace.

"It just don't make sense that somebody came along and just take a person's life. They don't understand what we have to go through, what heartaches we bare," she said.

But by Wednesday night, another Chattanooga family would learn the same news. Someone gunned down Charles King while sitting in his car on Bennett Avenue.

"Heard the shot and I just came outside and I saw some man just ran up and back on the other street. He had a gun in his hand waving it like this," witness Grayce Bryson said.

But Bryson says it happened so fast, she doesn't know if she'd recognize the shooter if she saw him again.

"He came this way and then he looked like he changed his mind, he turned around and went up the street that way," Bryson said.

CPD's new chief formed a task force to figure out a short-term solution to stop the violence after seven shootings just since Friday.

"A small number of actors in our community are causing a great deal of the violence and fear and feelings of unsafety," Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher said.

"They sleep at night and we suffer at night," Williams said.

Chief Fletcher says the two homicides have similar circumstances, but have not found a direct link to say if it could be the same gunman responsible. He says his task force is meeting with the city's Violence Reduction Initiative in the next 24-hours to discuss their next move.