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Chattanooga's World Cup Fever Pitch

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"I believe that we can win!"

The chorus that resonated through Jefferson's in downtown Chattanooga Thursday during lunchtime looked and sounded more like the cheerleading squad tryout for team USA soccer, as people taking a midday work break made Scenic City destinations prime viewing ground for the U.S.A.'s game against Germany.

"Aw, you can't believe it, listen just listen and that's all the reason right there," says Daniel Speicher.

"I played soccer my entire life and never had this many supporters at my games so it's good to see all these people coming out and supporting America in the World Cup," adds Drew Priest.

Some viewing parties such as this one at downtown's Miller Plaza were a little reserved.  While others, such as the Brewhaus on Chattanooga's North Shore were a bit more vocal.

Either way, the Tennessee Valley's bout with World Cup fever will last until early next week, as Team USA advances despite their 1 nil loss to Germany, as Portugal beats Ghana 2-1 to keep America's 2014 soccer dream alive, at least for one more match, set for Tuesday.

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