UPDATE: Six months have passed since Justin Marie Creech was last seen outside her Dade County home. 

“[People] always ask, wanting to know has anything come of what happened, ‘Do you know what happened to her?' And we haven't had any more information,” Marie's husband Terry Creech said.

She hasn't been seen or heard from since June 4, 2014. 

That is until a month ago, when investigators say there was a ‘hit' on Marie's personal information through the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

“There was a person of interest and an alias used along with my wife's information, her social security number, birthday, things like that for travel,” Terry said.

But investigators have hit yet another dead end trying to see who, who or even where Marie's information was being used. Leaving Terry frustrated.

He shared the last picture taken of Marie just four days before she disappeared.

“If there's any information that would help us find her or know what happened to her, I would be so happy to get that information,” he said.

Marie was last seen driving a gold minivan leaving many to suspect she drove away willingly but Terry now believes someone may be involved.

“She went down downstairs, she left the door open. She took nothing with her other than a set of keys. Maybe she went down there to get something and there may have been a person in the back of that van that we didn't see?” added.

A renewed hope that someone will come forward and help this family find out what happened to a woman loved by so many.

If you know anything, call Trenton Police at (706) 653-3233. There is a reward being offered for information that leads to finding Marie Creech.

Original Story:
Channel 3 spoke with family and investigators Wednesday about why this case is so puzzling. Known as Marie to her friends and family.   She left home in her pajama's exactly three weeks ago in her gold mini-van without her phone or purse and hasn't been seen since. We have surveillance video of what police believe is Marie's van.  It is coming from the direction of her house and driving through the Trenton City square the day she disappeared.  A camera at a nearby gas station also got her van driving by around the same time. 

For detectives, the fact Marie's van hasn't turned up is what makes this case so puzzling.

Tim Mitchell, detective, "We have had a lot of people call in tips, we've had people searching the roads, we've had tons of tips called in like I said. But nothing has been substantiated as far as finding Ms. Creech."    

Marie was last seen driving a 2002 Town & Country gold mini-van with a license plate number PGU3792.  Family members tell us Marie has clinical depression.. They are offering a one-thousand dollar reward.

If you have any information, call the police department.