It all started when the Morgan County Sheriff's Department got a call June 1st about a child choking on a cookie.  Records show the 17-month-old received CPR when the officer arrived at the home.

Police say the child died later that day, and they didn't think anything of it until the autopsy results came back as a homicide.

According to that autopsy, the child had multiple blunt force injuries, bruising, and a fractured spine.

Officials say the child was part of an ongoing investigation with the Department of Children's Services starting November of last year.

The child's father, Wesley Beaty, says his son Levi was energetic, just like any other toddler.  And he can't imagine why anyone would do anything like that to a child

Police are looking into three suspects listed in the case, one being the child's mother. 

We will keep you updated as the investigation continues.