Ruth Johnson heads into a funeral home Wednesday, two days after her grandson, Tyler Johnson, 16, was killed in a car crash on Michigan Avenue.??

"I told him, let me go to him and they wouldn't let me go," Johnson says as she recalls the scene. ??

It's how he crashed, that has Johnson so upset.  ??"I told him, I said put something on the end of this road, please put something on the end of this road to stop him," she says.

??Johnson awoke Monday to find Tyler, who's never driven on county or city roads, had taken her car. She was at a friend's house looking for him when he pulled up but he left after seeing them at the house.

They got in a car to follow him. ??Johnson says she knew she had to call for help. "There's people saying that I shouldn't have called police, but I had to," she explains. "Telling them exactly where he was going and that he wasn't, he was all over the road. He couldn't drive."??

She says she begged dispatchers to not use a siren, knowing Tyler would panic and run, which she says is exactly what happened when Bradley County deputies chased.??"He's gonna wreck, he's gonna get hurt or something bad is gonna happen," recalls Johnson. ??

Witnesses tell Channel 3 a cruiser hit Tyler's car in an attempt to stop him, causing his car to cross the center lane, drive into a ditch and hit a telephone pole close to 80 miles per hour. ??

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Highway Patrol tells Channel 3 troopers were not involved in the chase but where called in afterwards by the sheriff's office for the crash investigation.??

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office would not comment, saying the THP is handling it.

While they investigate, a grandmother buries her grandson.

"I love him and I wish he was here," Johnson says.