(KOB)- A man in Albuquerque, New Mexico has found what he claims to be a miracle in his mother's kitchen, an apple with an image of Jesus on it.

While some may just see an average Fuji apple, David Duran is sure that something divine caught his eye.

"This is the first time I've ever seen this on a piece of fruit or any type of vegetable," said Duran.

The image Duran sees is one that is familiar to many, the picture of Jesus holding a baby lamb.

Duran is certainly not the only one transfixed by this piece of fruit, saying that a priest at a local Albuquerque church has blessed and anointed the apple and that neighbors have been coming to see it.

“There’s the hair,” David said, tracing shades and shadows of red and orange and yellow on the apple’s skin. “There’s like the face and then his robe around here and then right in the middle you can see like a figure of a lamb, see – like he’s holding a lamb.”

“Maybe it’s a sign from the Lord that maybe we need to change our ways and maybe look at things to be more positive in this world,” David said. “Like helping our fellow neighbors and being good to people.”