CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Scenic City fireman Jason Greer signed up to race the Chattanooga Ironman nine months ago. There was one problem, and he'd be the first to tell you. At the time, running one lousy mile would take all he had but he had motivation to train.  

Motivation he wishes on no one else. Jason's son is battling life threatening cancer so jason is racing to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Nine months in, 60 pounds down, "I started out i couldn't even run a half mile," said Jason.

Jason has shed not only the weight but any doubt that he wouldn't finish the Chattanooga Ironman in September. On average he's logging 160-miles a week though water, on bike and by foot.

Greer joked, "little bitty bike seats and big guys just don't go well together."

Sure, it's been torture on his body but it pales in comparison to why he's doing it.

"What i've done these 9 months is basically nothing compared to what these kids do on a daily basis," said Jason.

Jason's racing combat childhood cancer. He's raising money for Emily's Power for a Cure, the Make a Wish Foundation of East Tennessee and most importantly for his inspiration, his son Tristian who refuses to quit fighting stage-4 neuroblastoma.

Jason said, "we've had good days and bad days. Things have been hard sometimes and his attitude and perspective on life, no quit. It's just so inspiring to me."

Tristian's battle has taken the family all over the country for treatments. Along the way that no quit attitude has no doubt helped others.

For those they've met, he's asking that they sign his helmet. In the meantime while he trains those signing the helmet are in his every thought.

Jason said, "all these kids have really inspired me. A lot of them are no longer with me. Honor their spirit, determination and courage. Bring them with me on this journey. I hope people look at this and say wow it means so much to him. Hopefully they can make a donation."

We'll continue to follow Jason's progress and if you'd like to help the Greer family raise money click here: