Andrew Pelham has been inventing things for years. "My grandmother she bought me a bunch of Legos when I was a kid so that just started the ball rolling."

Last year he entered a contest. 

"I was having a brain block so I couldn't think of anything and then I read an article about a woman in our neighborhood who had left her child in a car so I thought maybe I could make something with the rubber bands to help that situation."

He came up with, the EZ Baby Saver.

"You take the easy baby saver and as your getting in your car seat you attach it to the door handle like so.  So when you're getting out of the car you see, oh you know this bright flashing rubber band you're like oh you know my child is still in the car

It's simple yet genius and people love it.  Thousands of hits and shares on Facebook, thousands of other visits to his website.

"It was something crazy like 26,000 and there were people from all over the world.  People from Germany, Australia, even people in Japan looking at it."

Rubber bands and duct tape.

"Instead of using grey if you had a brighter color, then you would notice it more."

Designed to save lives.

"It could happen to anyone."

The low cost creation won Andrew 500 bucks.  Though he's not in it fortune and fame.
"I don't really care about having the publicity."

The 12-year-old bought a computer, built a website, then posted instructions so others can make their own. 

"I didn't make it where people had to pay for it and they could just make it themselves and it would just kind of raise awareness and it would make society a better place."