State planners are powering ahead with a new artery linking Interstate 75 and Highway 58 near Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant, giving commuters and businesses a key time-saving connector in an area where traffic is burgeoning.

The new road will finally finish after two decades what Chattanooga officials had dubbed the Yellow Brick Road -- so called for helping unlock the economic development potential of the 6,000-acre Enterprise South industrial park.

When construction is done in mid-2017, the 1.3-mile piece of road will tie into a 1.4-mile section already under way. The resulting product is intended to provide Hamilton County motorists with a direct I-75 and Highway 58 connection north of the VW plant and ease the growing traffic burden.

"I'm sure that will help," said James Wingard, chief executive of Wingard Quality Supply, a company located in VW's supplier park adjacent to the huge factory.

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