In Chattanooga, hot days like today usually mean kids flocking to the Coolidge Park fountain. The problem is, it's closed for repairs and has been for the last 10 days.      

The "closed for repairs" sign is a disappointing sight for families looking for a free and fun way to beat the heat.

"We're sad because the water was not going," one kid said.

"We were just going to come down here for something different to do in the summer," parent Amber Wyatt said.

A broken pump put the attraction out of service June 13th.

"We had to un-install the pump and have it repaired and when we re-installed the pump, there were a couple other issues and we've had to un-install it again and have some additional repairs done," Chattanooga Public Works Dept. Deputy Administrator Justin Holland said.

Meanwhile, every day dozens of local families have been putting on their swimsuits and driving to Coolidge Park, just to turn back around.

"That's the alternative, papa's going to have to quirt them this afternoon with the hose," grandparent Fred Bennett said.

"If they don't come down here, they go somewhere else so that definitely hurts my sales," Bill's Shaved Ice owner Bill Henderson said.

Having fewer people in the park is costing surrounding businesses.

"Cuts it almost in half if the fountain is not going. I wish they would keep spare parts or a spare motor whatever they do, just kind of swap it out and keep going instead of it being down 10-12 days," Henderson said.

Chattanooga's Public Works Department says it is considering that in the future. They expect to have this pump fixed by the end of the week.

"Hopefully they'll be running next week because they love to play with the animals and the water," parent Brittany Foster said.

The play fountain has been an attraction at Coolidge Park since it opened in 15 years ago. Public Works officials say they made minor repairs to the same pump last year, but again, hope to have it fixed in a few more days.