CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) Some 24 hours removed from his individual pro wrestling debut, former UTC Moc footballer Gunner Wilson is talking.

Miller wrestled the Empire Pro Wrestling Champion Shaun Tempers Saturday night in Walker County, Georgia.

Despite a pretty good showing in the ring as well as the hometown crowd backing him instead of Tempers, Miller lost the match by way of disqualification.

"The Captain", who awaits to hear from the WWE after his try-out a few weeks back, reflects on last night's match going forward.

"Well, just like in football, I'm taking the same approach with it, I thought I did pretty good as far as improving from my  first match to my second match especially with it being a singles match and not having the guy who's been training me in the ring with me going up against another guy, but I thought it went well and the timeframe and you know we just try to go from there but the main thing goes with film study just like football so I'm going to get the film, sit down with my trainer, go through that and we'll kind of critique from there," said Miller Sunday night in downtown Chattanooga

Miller says he should hear from the WWE in the next few weeks.