The debate over a flying doughnut mural has revealed holes in the city’s sign ordinance.

Barry Snyder, who’s part of a group working to revitalize the Brainerd corridor, can drive down Brainerd Road and count dozens of tacky, ugly signs that he says violate the city’s code and detract from the area. Yet the one that got the city inspector’s attention last week was a mural on the Southside that gave a dilapidated, run-down building a face-lift.

“I don’t get it,” Snyder said. “We’re trying to clean up [Brainerd] and turn it into a beautiful space. And the murals are what make this town nice.”

The Koch’s Bakery mural isn’t the first to come under fire as an advertisement instead of art. Brewhaus on the North Shore was ordered to remove the beer from a painting of a girl holding a cold one in each hand. The popular German-style bar and grill decided instead to paint over the picture.

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