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JFest organizers hope festival helps bring families together

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - For over a decade families have traveled from all over the region to attend one of the largest Christian music festivals in the south. But what has now become a huge success for the non-profit radio station started off small.

"A couple of flatbed trailers is what it started out as in a field right down the road," said Ted Gocke, Event Organizer.

16 years later, Gocke says they fill Camp Jordan's park with 10,000 people annually raising money to keep their ministry alive.

"This festival is just one of those revenue streams that if you take it away we would suffer," said Gocke.

However, the donations aren't the sole thing their focused on.

"It's important, but the number one thing has a Christian music station is we want people to know the importance of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ and second is seeing families come together and hanging out," said Gocke.

Brian McKinney says he and his family have camped out at the event with their youth group for 7 years.    It's one time of the year they set aside for quality family time.

"Nowadays with just the hustle and bustle, just to turn it off, turn off what the normal is, just to get out,” said McKinney. "The kids enjoy the music, the music brings everyone together. I think that's the best part is just cooking out and spending time together."     

Gocke tells Channel 3 if it brings just one family closer, the festival was a success.

"In a society in our hectic lives we need to look for things were we can just hang out," said Gocke.

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