Chattanooga police have arrested a man and woman in connection to a drive-by shooting after they found a .22 caliber round in the floorboard of  a SUV the couple was stopped in.

Tacita Adams, 35, and Dominic Bowman, 23, face charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. Bowman faces an additional charge of carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to go armed.

Officers found a spent .22 shell casing in the street near a residence where police received a shots fired call from residents in the 2100 block of Stewart Street at about 11 p.m. Wednesday. No one was injured, according to the report.

A victim told police a green Chevy Blazer drove by with a woman driving wearing a pink tank top. Shots were fired out of the driver side window. Adams and Bowman were stopped in Blazer matching the description. Adams was also wearing a pink tank top, according to the arrest report. No gun was found in the vehicle, but police found a .22 caliber round in the driver side floorboard.

When officers stopped the vehicle, Adams was asked why she was in the area; she said she was there to fight.

Police initially arrested Adams. They received a second call later on Dodson Avenue regarding a white Ford Taurus. Officers noticed the same vehicle leave the scene from the first call. Bowman was with the car this time. When the patted him down, they found a .25 caliber Astra semi automatic pistol.

Adams has prior convictions for reckless endangerment and assault, court records show.

Adams has a bond set at $25,000 and, Bowman has a bond set at $70,000.

 Both Adams and Bowman are expected to appear before Hamilton County General Sessions Court Judge David Bales June 27.