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Crime Stoppers: Catoosa Co. Convenience Store Robbery

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Mike Khan described to us the scene at his store, very early on June 6th. "The cops were waiting for me outside with the busted window and turned off alarm and it looks really ugly," he said.

Someone had used a brick he showed us to smash the plate-glass window and gain entry into A's Food Mart on Cloud Springs Road in Ringgold. "The floor was full of those small pieces of glass," Khan added.

Surveillance video shows the two guys and exactly what they were after. They headed straight to the front counter. "They picked up about three to four cartons of cigarettes from there and I had more stocked, maybe 25 to 30 cartons," explained Khan. They took those, too. "They put that in the truck and came back and picked up two cases of beer."

The duo sped away into the darkness, but not before giving us a pretty good look. "One of the guys has tried to, you know, he has been trying to cover his face with this shirt," Khan said. That trick did not work.

The video shows, clearly, who we are looking for: two black males in their late-20's to mid-30's. Both men have mustaches and they look to be using a red Ford Ranger pick-up with chrome rails on the bed.

The thieves made off with hundreds of dollars in inventory and caused hundreds of dollars in damage to the store. That window took two weeks to replace. "Of course it was a financial loss, as well as, you know, an emotional loss," Khan admitted.

"Right now, we are clueless," Khan added, "just like you and the police. Probably you have a better clue than me." We have up to $1,000 reward cash if you have any information in this case.

Can you put the guys together with the truck? Your complete anonymity is guaranteed.

Call Crime Stoppers: 423-698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone, but he will never ask your identity.

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