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Hot weather continues, not much rain in sight

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The heat and humidity will stick around the Tennessee Valley for several more days. A very large dome of high pressure will sit right over the region, creating above-normal heat. As the sun heats the ground, bubbles of warm air will rise into the atmosphere and this will create scattered clouds. Some of the mountains will add to the lift and this may spark a few isolated showers or storms. The best chance will be over the Blue Ridge mountains and the Cumberland Plateau.

Normal highs are in the upper 80's and normal lows are in the mid to upper 60's.  We will be well above this with the mercury rising into the lower and middle 90s in the afternoons, lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s late at night.  

Some of the thunderstorms that do pop up may contain small hail and gusty winds, but I am not expecting any severe outbreaks like what's been happening in the Midwest and great plains recently.

Here's a link to heat safety tips. Please be careful out there!

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