"I should have been more responsible and mature and took better control of the situation but I didn't and i'm ashamed of myself for not doing that."

Rhea County Commissioner Grover Parks freely admits to what happened that put him behind bars in the Rhea County Jail for 12 hours on one count of domestic assault last week.

"I just want people to know I didn't harm my wife in any shape. form, or fashion," says the 59 year old Parks, who deputies arrested Thursday night in Spring City after an argument with his brother-in-law escalated.

His mother-in-law tried breaking up the fight when she was reportedly pushed during the fracas.

"While I have this moment, I want to apologize to her family, my family, my fellow commissioners and all of Rhea County for any embarrassment that I may have caused them and yeah, I'm sure it will have some effect on my race," says Parks, as he campaigns for possible re-election in August.

So what was the card game?  

Parks laughingly answers,"Seven card stud wild card, and we had a disagreement over the way the wild card was played and it just erupted from there, little beer drinking and the next thing we know it was, but once it calmed down, I left, went straight down the road and waited for the officer to come because I knew what was coming," said Parks Thursday at his Spring City home.   

Commissioner Parks says if there's one good thing that has come from his arrest it's a better understanding of what's going on at the Rhea County Jail.

"We're gonna have to build a new jail, and i'm wholeheartedly behind that,"said Parks with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

The commissioner has an August 1st court date in Rhea General Sessions Court.

His appearance precedes the August 7th general election day as he faces two candidates for his commission 3 seat.