North Georgia police continue to investigate a child sex crimes case with a married couple accused of molesting multiple children. Christopher Holmes was arrested at the end of May and now his wife is facing charges.

Those who live in their apartment complex on Indian Avenue in Rossville say they are deeply disturbed by the allegations against the couple.

"I mean, I've never heard of a couple doing something like this," says neighbor Frances Bryson.

Christopher Holmes and his wife, Tiffany, sit in the Walker County jail, both facing multiple charges of child molestation, aggravated child molestation and statutory rape.

"I've heard of things happening to people but I never dreamed of it happening in my own neighborhood," says Bryson.

Bryson lives in the same apartment complex as the couple and would run into them from time to time. She says she never picked up on anything suspicious.

"It's just unbelievable that somebody would try to act so nice and be real friendly with you."

Rossville Police arrested Christopher in mid-May, after someone complained that he showed sexually explicit pictures of a juvenile to another child in the complex. He bonded out of jail on a pornography charge but was arrested again on May 30th, when police made contact with other boys and girls ranging in age from toddler to early teens.

"It's sad that you've got children and you're afraid for your child to get outside out of your sight. I don't have any small ones but if I did I'd be worried to death," says Bryson.

Two weeks after Christopher was arrested, police zeroed in on Tiffany. Of one the teens told police he had more than one sexual encounter with the couple.

"It shocked me even more when I heard about her," says Bryson.

While not commenting on this case, a crimes trauma therapist tells Channel 3 sexual abuse against children is a traumatizing cycle that needs to be broken.

"The young child becomes the victim and all they know is being victimized and then they become the abuser," says Susanne Green.

"I think something needs to be done with them because there's too much of this going on in the world today," says Bryson.

Investigators say more charges could be filed in the case because they think more victims are out there.